Mixing System

Forberg Twin Shaft Batch Mixer was developed
and produced since 1974 and became a worldwide
supplier of twin shaft systems to process industries
within mainly Food, Feed, Pharma and Chemical.
Forberg has a strong brand name with high reliability
and creditability in the market.

The batch mixer consists of two shafts with
paddles in a cylindrical shell with overlapping
trajectories which can mix macro and micro ingredients
(1:100,000) into uniformly distributed with CV (Coefficient
variation) less than 10%.

Forberg has the size of the mixer from 2 to 8000
liters per batch, and the batch size can also be varied
by overfilling or underfilling with the normal volume
will be measured at the shaft level. The minimum
level will be at 40%, and the maximum volume will
be 140% of the normal volume.


Main advantages of the Forberg Mixers

  • Mixing in a very short time – seconds
  • Homogenous mixing
  • No segregation regardless with size, shape,
    and density
  • Gentle mixing
  • Low wear
  • Low energy consumption
  • Reliable operation